Gitmbed v1.0.0 is in the Chrome Web Store! Download it there now!




Gitmbed is easy to use! All you have to do is download the extension, create a new gitmbed, and then add it to your post, profile, etc.

Supports GitHub, Instagram, and Other Websites/Apps

Gitmbed has a simple-setup via Instagram and GitHub. While using the extension, you can easily create new gitmbeds, which will be visible to anyone else with the extension!

Guaranteed Reliability

With gitmbed, you can expect top-notch support, and guaranteed reliability. Because of the simplistic yet powerful approach gitmbed takes to its content, debugging is easy, and support is even-easier!

New Gitmbed

Some services do not allow theselves to be embedded, which can lead to failure of the extension.

The width of the embed. Can be in %, px, em, or rem.

The height of the embed. Can be in %, px, em, or rem.

Select what you will be using this gitmbed for:


Below is a demo of how a gitmbed HTML Embed looks. If you don't already have the embed, you should see a "View with Gitmbed" button, otherwise you should see an embedded website!